Jed Mentorship Program

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

– Steven Spielberg


The JED Mentorship program focuses on giving students in Senior Secondary Schools the opportunity to receive mentoring from recognized and well-established members of the community. Through these relationships, JED Mentees and Mentors are able to explore the different ways to nurture their gifts and talents.


What does it mean to be a JED Mentor?

You provide guidance, advise, and form bonds with mentees on career and educational issues. Being a JED Mentor DOES NOT make you their personal bank, dependent, spiritual guide or personal counselor. The objective is to form mutual bonds with mentees. Click here to fill in the JED Mentor application form.


Who are our Mentees?

Through partnerships with other NGOs and schools, students are recruited to be a part of the JED Mentorship pool. The students are from a diversity of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. They are mostly in secondary school or continuing their education as matured students. Looking to be mentored or know someone who will benefit from mentorship? Click here to fill in the JED Mentee application form.


For more information about the Mentorship Program or to speak at your school please contact us.